Uganda launches feed-in-tariff, US$7.7cents for geothermal

Sempaya geothermal hot springs, Uganda (source: flickr/ Joostv, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 28 Jan 2011

Uganda is launching a renewable energy feed-in-tariff with specific provisions for geothermal guaranteeing a tariff of $7.7cents/ kWh for a 20 year period.

Uganda launches Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (REFIT), following South African and Algeria with similar programs.

The Ugandan scheme supports a variety of renewable energy technologies, among them geothermal with a tariff of $7.7cents/ kWh for a 20year period. The cummulative capacity limits for geothermal are 10 MW for 2011, 20MW for 2012, 30 MW for 2013 and 50MW for 2014.

Details include: Inflation adjustment based on O&M costs of tariff, program administered by Uganda’s Electric Regulatory Authority (ERA), tariffs based on the cost of generation plus profit, tariffs for eight different technologies, including geothermal, program capacity caps by technology and by year

Source: ElectroIQ