Universities interested in research on geothermal well in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Drilling rig on site in St. Gallen, Switzerland (source: Webcam Project website, Aug. 7, 2013)
Alexander Richter 6 Jun 2017

A group of universities is planning to conduct research work on a well drilled for the abandoned geothermal project in St. Gallen, Switzerland and has sought funding under EU programs.

After the failed geothermal project of Basel, Switzerland, the project in St. Gallen was a big hope for geothermal energy development in Switzerland. But after natural gas was discovered in the well drilled, the project was abandoned and plugged.

Now universities have announced an interest in research activities on the well. About 20 research institutions from various countries want to explore the environmental impact of geothermal activities. The group has handed in a proposal to the European Funding, according to Swiss Radio. Base research is expected to start already this year.

The ETH University is part of the research project.

Following the end of the project in St. Gallen, the well was plugged but not filled. The research activities expect not to pump water in the well, which therefore not puts pressure on the well and earthquakes are not expected.

The project in St. Gallen was the largest project for utilising geothermal energy for heating in Switzerland.

Source: Radio Liechtenstein