University of Nevada in Reno opened National Geothermal Academy this week

National Geothermal Academy at the University of Nevada, Reno (source: KTVN)
Alexander Richter 22 Jun 2012

Earlier this week the second annual National Geothermal Academy was started at the University of Nevada in Reno, bringing together students from all over the world on topics covering geothermal development in all its facets.

Earlier this week, the University of Nevada in Reno, started this year’s National Geothermal Academy. Scientists from all over the world are visiting the school and participate in the program this summer.

The set of summer classes feature the complete value chain of geothermal development, from locating geothermal resources to create a valid business.

“It builds on our expertise in geothermal, and our history in geothermal,” Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy Director Wendy Calvin said, “and certainly the proximity to a lot of geothermal resources.”

“This is the second year the university has put on the academy, becoming only one of a handful of schools in the whole world to host something like it. Roughly 45 students are participating this year from all over the world, attending classes taught by the most experienced professionals in the field.

“I think we’re building the new base of who the geothermal workers are going to be in the future,” Calvin said, “so the local companies are very supportive of what we’re doing, and look at this as very beneficial in terms of who they’re going to hire and the expertise that they’re gaining.”

The National Geothermal Academy started Monday and runs for eight weeks, through August 10.


Source: KTVN News