Visitors from 160 countries on ThinkGeoEnergy in February 2014

Countries visitors came from to ThinkGeoEnergy in February 2014 (source: Google Analytics)
Alexander Richter 27 Feb 2014

ThinkGeoEnergy remains the likely the main news website for the global geothermal industry with visitors from 160 countries on ThinkGeoEnergy in February 2014. Evenly distributed across the Americas, Europe, Asia, followed by Africa and Oceania.

ThinkGeoEnergy continues to grow its readership. So here a few interesting statistics for the period of February 1-27, 2014.

Countries/ Regions visiting ThinkGeoEnergy:

Visitors came from 161 countries. The U.S. represents around 22% of all visitors, followed by the Philippines (8%), Indonesia, UK, Kenya (all 6%). Then follow Germany, Iceland, India, Canada, Australia and Japan. For the period of January 1- February 27, 2014 more than 190 countries are represented in the visitor numbers.

Regionally, 31% of all visitors come from the Americas (North, Central and South America), 28% from Europe, 28% from Asia, 8% from Africa and about 5% from Oceania.

Cities people come from that visited ThinkGeoEnergy:

The top 10 cities are: Nairobi (Kenya), Reykjavik (Iceland), Makati City (Manila, Philippines), Jakarta (Indonesia), London (UK), Manila (Philippines), Washington DC (U.S.), Mandaluyong City (Manila, Philippines), Santiago (Chile), Auckland (New Zealand).

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