Vote for Geothermal District Heating Project in Italy in the Regiostars Awards

Construction site of the Montieri geothermal heating plant, Italy (source: Regiostars)
Alexander Richter 18 Sep 2017

Help this geothermal district heating project in Montieri, Italy to succeed in the Regiostar Awards, that will award projects that actively contribute to the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework.

In its Energy Union initiative, the EU has set ambitious targets to address climate change. Around 25 % of the overall ESI Fund budget goes to climate-related actions, paving the way for a shift towards a low-carbon economy and meeting the EU’s long-term 2050 greenhouse gas reductions target.

RegioStars encouraged nominations that actively contribute to the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework, especially those projects which have adopted a holistic approach and that help Europe move towards a low-carbon economy.

A geothermal energy network in Montieri, Tuscany cuts heat and hot water costs by a third for homes, schools and health centres. It has led to drops in traditional fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Advantages include:

  • zero-emission heating
  • tax breaks for businesses for using it
  • an innovative steam circuit system with mechanisms for heating and distributing water

A mix of clean energy sources

Energy retrofits were performed on 20% of homes served by the system (Montieri has a population of about 1,200). Those not served by it use solar collectors for heat, also installed under the project.

Work also included fitting the public lighting system with solar-powered LEDs and upgrades to sewers and water supply.

  • Official title Montieri District Heating System
  • Region: Tuscany
  • Member State: Italy
  • EU funds amount EUR776,460 – 13% of the total amount
  • Timespan 01/10/2012 to 29/12/2014
  • Organisation Municipality of Montieri
  • Category Energy Union: Climate Action
  • Website:

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