Webinar with introduction to US National Geothermal Data system, Jan 28, 2014

Snapshot of NGDS website
Alexander Richter 26 Jan 2014

The Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office holds a webinar on the National Geothermal Data System on January 298, 2014, free of charge. You will learn on how to utilize the National Geothermal Data System and Create Your Own Federated Data Network.

Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) Webinar: The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) is offering a free Webinar. During this Webinar you will engage in a live demo and learn how to use the NGDS to find relevant data, and install and implement the Node-in-a-box (NIAB) software, if you want to become a node on the NGDS. Participants interested in providing access to geoscience and other data can use this free, opensource NIAB application. This webinar will familiarize you with:

  • The NGDS User Interface and search capabilities
  • The NIAB software installation process
  • Batch importing and uploading of shared datasets
  • The registration of data resources
  • Loading and exposing data as a node on the NGDS network

Join the webinar to learn all about the NGDS!

Link to the meeting