Western GeoPower Unit 1 – turbine

Alexander Richter 6 Feb 2009

Update on the turbine being built for Western GeoPower's Unit 1 project at the Geysers in California, U.S.

Western GeoPower (TSX-V:WGP) just presented an update on the turbine it has ordered for its WGP Uni1 at The Geysers in April 2008. The company had ordered a 35 MW top exhausting geothermal condensing steam turbine generator unit for the project from Fuji Electric Corporation of America.

Delivery for the turbine is scheduled in August 2009 and the company presents now pictures it received from the Fuji Kawasaki Factory.

Fuji Electric Corporation is one of the few companies building turbines for geothermal power generation. More details on the company and its turbines can be found > here <.

Generator rotor shaft in Fujii's Kawasaki Factory (Source: Fuji/ WGP)

Source: Western GeoPower Company announcement via e-mail.