With drilling concluded Mabini geothermal project now testing output

Discharge of the first well, Mai6D on Maibarara project site, Philippines (source: Maibarara Geothermal Inc.)
Alexander Richter 13 Feb 2017

With drilling concluded, the consortium around the 20-60 MW Mabini geothermal project in Batangas, Philippines is now testing the well to determine the possible output for the planned geothermal plant.

The consortium of Basic Energy, Phinma Energy just announced having concluded drilling on site of its Mabini geothermal project in Batangas, Philippines.

The companies are now conducting tests that are to determine the resources output for the project. With the drilling the companies have now fulfilled a DOE commitment for its geothermal service contract no.8. The drilling reached the target depth of 1,679 meters and preparations are under way to set perforated liners.

“Testing of the well aimed at obtaining temperature, pressure, and permeability data, to be performed by its contractor, Scientific Drilling International (SDI), shall commence shortly,” the firm said.

According to the Senior VP and General Manager of Basic Energy, Anthony Cuaycong, completion tests will last three days are provide sufficient data to determine the actual resource potential for the project.

“After the completion test, there is a heat-up period of up to one and a half months, during which time surveys will be conducted to check well response after specific ‘rest’ periods,” Cuaycong said.

Pre-feasibility studies show that Service Contract no. 8, which covers 3, 841 hectares, can yield between 20 to 60 megawatts of power.

Source: Power Philippines