With Efeler 7, Ormat delivers its 30th successful geothermal power plant in Turkey

Efeler Geothermal Plant, Turkey (source: Guris Holdings)
Alexander Richter 16 Oct 2018

The 27 MW Gurmat Efe 7 geothermal power plant in Germencik, Turkey built for Gurmat by Ormat Technologies has received its operation license from Turkey's Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources.

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in Turkey has given its operation license to the 27 MW Gurmat Efe 7 geothermal power plant in Germencik on October 12, 2018. The power plant was commissioned on time and demonstrated over the contracted capacity.

The Gurmat Efe 7 power plant is based on the Ormat Energy Converter (OEC) technology representing over 50 years of Ormat’s filed proven experience. It is the 5th power plant Ormat has supplied to Gurmat, with others planned for the future, including Efe 8 which is under construction

The turbines, oil skids and other auxiliaries were manufactured by Ormaturk – Ormat’s manufacturing facility in Turkey in accordance to Ormat’s strict standards of quality. Due to the Turkish made products, the project is eligible to a significant incentive under the Turkish regulations.

Over the last decade Ormat installed its state-of-the-art binary technology in 28 power plants totalling 523 MW, and additionally has under construction a current pipeline of 11 projects that will add 315 MW to Turkey’s grid.