Women in Geothermal WING Empowering Award 2019 – Paul Siratovich

WING Award Winners 2019 - bottom left Paul Siratovich
Alexander Richter 4 Nov 2019

In this fourth piece we feature this year's winner of the Women in Geothermal (WING) 2019 WING Empowering award, Paul Siratovich of Upflow Ltd. in New Zealand.

The 2nd annual Women in Geothermal (WING) Awards were presented to four deserving recipients at the September 2019 GRC Annual Meeting and Expo in Palm Springs, California. These awards are given each year to people selected by their peers for their commitment to the promotion, development and education of women in the geothermal industry. The winners were chosen because they embody WING’s four core values: Courageous, Empowering, Open, and Caring.

With this piece, we are featuring the fourth award.

EMPOWERING: Paul Siratovich, Upflow Ltd.

  • Focus on strengths without micromanagement
  • Connect the right people
  • Champion and support other’s efforts and ideas
  • Give recognition
  • Contribute to a positive working environment

Paul is an active and innovative WING Global Team Member who currently leads the 50% Male Membership program (currently at 25%) and the WINGman Special Task Force (WSTF), which he co-founded in 2017. He has undertaken extensive research to develop WSTF Program, a set of presentations and tools that he has delivered in two countries to date (New Zealand and Chile). He continues to lead strategic and tactical planning to continue the roll-out of this important WING initiative.

Paul actively calls out inappropriate commentary and behaviors, and identifies opportunities to give women more of a voice in technical discussions. He mentors women through challenging situations and recruits other men in the geothermal industry to do the same (and, of course to join WING – at least 150 WINGmen have been recruited by Paul). As the Vice President of the New Zealand Geothermal Association, Paul has sought ways to increase female participation on the board and in NZGA’s events and activities, and is happy to report that 50% of presenters are female at the 2019 New Zealand Geothermal Workshop.


More information about Women in Geothermal (WING) you can find on its website.