Working on pilot plant, Iran identifies additional geothermal development potential

Project site of the 5 MW Sabalan project, Iran (source: Iranian Geothermal Energy Association)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 9 Apr 2018

With final construction work under way for Iran's first geothermal power plant, the 5 MW pilot project at Meshkinshar, Iranian geothermal experts have identified three additional sites for potential geothermal power generation development.

Work continues on the first geothermal power plant, the 5 MW Sabalan geothermal plant at Meshkinshahr. The plant is currently under construction with the turbine being installed, according to Shahriar Bozorgmehri, Head of the Renewable Energy Department of Niroo Research Institute in Iranian media over the weekend.

Geothermal Experts in Iran have identified three additional potential sites with geothermal potential. The areas are – in addition to Meshkinshahr – Damavand and Sistan and Balouchestan. The three sites are seen as promising for potential geothermal power projects.

Iran has in recent years increased efforts to use renewable energies to produce electricity instead of fossil fuel.

Source: Fars News, further pictures on the Sabalan project site here.