WWF urges support for geothermal energy development in Switzerland

Plant design for Haute-Sorne project, Switzerland (source: Geo-Energie Suisse)
Alexander Richter 25 Oct 2017

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) urges parliamentarians to support geothermal energy development as part of the efforts on the energy transition in Switzerland.

The World Wide Fund for Nature in Switzerland urges members of parliament to support geothermal energy. The WWF recently organized a discussion round with the parliamentarians in the Canton of Jura today, urging them to not give into voices against geothermal energy development in the region.

The organization had invited parliamentarians today to a discussion on the energy transmission in Swizerland, describing it as an opportunity to celebrate Switzerland’s ratification of the Paris climate agreement on October 6th. Speakers emphasized the importance of regional actions in the field. “Our canton has a playing card, one of these means will be the Haute-Sorne deep geothermal project,” said WWF Regional Secretary Jura, Marie-Anne Etter.

The Jura official believes that it would be a shame to deprive oneself of this renewable energy. It therefore invites MEPs who will vote shortly on the cantonal initiative against geothermal energy to “do not risk an absolute ban and without exception”. According to Marie-Anne Etter, the text does not comply with the 2050 energy strategy, which calls into question its material validity.