Zorlu Energy Group awarded CDP Turkey Climate Leadership Award

Award ceremony pictures/ Zorlu Energy
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 4 Dec 2017

Turkey's leading geothermal developer and operator, Zorlu Energy has been recognized for its climate leadership with the award of CDP Turkey 2017 Climate Leader as “Turkey’s Carbon Transparency Leader”.

Zorlu Energy, one of Turkey’s largest geothermal operators has been awarded CDP Turkey 2017 Climate Leader and became “Turkey’s Carbon Transparency Leader” within the scope of the CDP Climate Change Program.

Zorlu Energy Group, which has made many breakthroughs in the sector in the field of sustainability, took part in the Leader class with two companies under the CDP climate change program, which has been dreaming to change the way the business world works in order to reduce the effects of climate change and protect natural resources. Zorlu Energy and Zorlu Natural Electricity Generation Companies, which received the “A-” rating report in the 2017 report prepared by the CDP Turkey team within the scope of the program implemented by CDP Turkey, were awarded the CDP Turkey 2017 Climate Leadership Award in the Leaders category. Zorlu Energy Board Member Selen Zorlu Melik’e, Zorlu Energy and Zorlu Natural companies were awarded the award by TÜS?AD President Erol Bilecik during the awards ceremony held on Tuesday, November 28, under the “Reimagining Disclosure: CDP Turkey 2017 Climate Conference”.

76% of the portfolio of Zorlu Energy is domestic and renewable energy

Evaluating a sustainable future as an integral part of business processes, 76 percent of Zorlu Energy’s portfolio is based on domestic and renewable energy sources. Zorlu Energy is also noted as one of the few companies voluntarily participating in the Sustainability Index of Istanbul Stock Exchange for November 2017-October 2018 period.

Launched in London in 2000, CDP aims to encourage private sector actors to develop solutions for climate change and water resource management.

K?z?ldere III Geothermal Power Plant project is the fourth geothermal energy project in Turkey. The plant has invested $320 million for the first phase (99.5 MW). With a total installed capacity of 165 MW power plant project, which is expected to be completed next year, it will be Turkey’s largest geothermal power plant.

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