Zorlu Energy to accelerate investment for two new geothermal plants in Turkey

Kizildere geothermal plant, Turkey (source:
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 13 Dec 2017

Zorlu Energy has announced an accelerated investment plan for up to $450 million for the development of two new geothermal plants, Alasehir 2 and Kizildere 4 in Turkey.

As part on an announcement on $700 million investment plants, Turkish Zorlu Energy announced that it will accelerate investments for two new geothermal power plants, the Alasehir 2 and Kizildere 4 plant.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Sinan Ak, Zorlu Holding Energy Group head, said the company has expanded its renewable energy investments and will continue to participate in new renewable energy tenders in the country. This includes a tender for 500 MW in wind power generation capacity. Zorlu will alos start a small-sized solar power plant.

The total investment volume for the planned geothermal power plants, which plan for completion in 2020, will reach up to $450 million.

Source: Anadolu Agency