Zorlu Enerji receives award for its Kizildere II geothermal power plant, Turkey

Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 17 May 2017

Zorlu Enerji receives prestigious ICCI Energy Award for its Kizildere II geothermal power plant in Turkey.

In an announcement yesterday, Turkish energy firm Zorlu Energy announces that its K?z?ldere-II Geothermal Power Plant has been granted the ‘Geothermal’ award in the Renewable Energy field at ‘ICCI Energy Awards’ where the best of Turkey are selected.

This year, Istanbul WOW Convention Center hosted the sixth edition of ‘ICCI Energy Awards’, known as Oscar of the Turkish energy sector, where the most successful ones among the leading energy generating companies in Turkey are awarded.

At ‘ICCI Energy Awards’ organized by the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (ICCI), Zorlu Energy has been granted the ‘Geothermal’ award in the Renewable Energy field for its K?z?ldere-II Geothermal Power Plant.

CEO of Zorlu Energy, Sinan Ak: ‘We turn the dream of sustainable future into reality by bringing together our country’s renewable energy resources with technology and innovation’

Having shared his opinions about the award granted to K?z?ldere-II Geothermal Power Plant in the award ceremony which was held one day before the opening of International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (ICCI 2017), CEO of Zorlu Energy Sinan Ak said: ‘We place sustainability in the center of our business model in every work and project we realize as Zorlu Energy Group. We make all our investments with a sustainability approach based on security of energy supply, competition and environmental protection by making maximum use of local and renewable energy resources. We bring our country’s rich and unexplored renewable energy resources diversity together with advanced technology and innovation, making a contribution for our country to seize the opportunities toward transition to a low-carbon and self-sufficient economy. The award granted by the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (ICCI) to K?z?ldere-II Geothermal Power Plant, a plant we realized with this approach, filled us with pride and proved once more that our efforts are not in vain’.

One of the few power plants in the world in terms of technology, integrated structure and efficiency

With 80 MW of installed power, K?z?ldere-II is featuring as one of the geothermal power plants with the highest installed power within the same plant in Turkey. The energy generated at K?z?ldere-II not only contributes to electricity production but also provides heating to houses and greenhouses while providing CO2 to industrial gas plants and geothermal water to thermal hotels.Academic research studies indicate that the plant is one of the few in the world in terms of its technology, integrated facilities and efficiency. The plant was also a finalist at the ‘European Geothermal Innovation Award 2014’ for its technological and integrated infrastructure as a result of the assessment made by European Geothermal Energy Council on the grounds of innovation, originality, reliability, reduction of emissions, and improvements in energy output. The plant also provides important contributions to its area through social responsibility projects, including the ‘Our Energy for Children’ and ‘A Slam Dunk to Life’ projects.

CEO of Zorlu Energy Group, Sinan Ak: ‘With this award, K?z?ldere-II has shown once again that we are the flagship of geothermal energy in Turkey.’
Having emphasized its technology and integrated structure, CEO of Zorlu Energy Group, Sinan Ak, added:’As a combined cycle plant, K?z?ldere-II is among the few geothermal power plants in the world and the only one in Turkey. Furthermore, it is the only triple flash + binary combined cycle plant thanks to its locational and greenhouse heating systems and integrated usage. As Zorlu Energy Group, we have proved our expertise and competence in the field while also showing that we are the flagship of geothermal energy in Turkey thanks to K?z?ldere-II, through which we contribute to the Turkish economy and national capital, making optimum use of geothermal fluid with high efficiency. Still under construction, K?z?ldere-II will be the largest geothermal power plant of Turkey following a total of 165 MW of installed capacity that we are planning to commission by the end of the year and we will equalize our own record’.

You can meet Zorlu Enerji at the upcoming IGC Turkey International Geothermal Congress in Izmir/ Turkey, 22-24 May 2017.


Source: Zorlu Enerji