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$3 million for mining and geothermal survey in B.C., Canada

A region that remains mainly unexplored, west of Prince George in Canada has received $3 million in new funding from the B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines that will be focusing on geothermal power generation.

According to the news release, the funds will be used by Geoscience BC for its Targeting Resources for Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) project to explore for both mineral formations and geothermal heat sources.

This particular region is know for the harsh weather and terrain, which have made previous exploration very difficult and costly. The same source details that Geoscience’s TREK process uses aerial surveying to overcome some of the problems associated with physical exploration. The TREK surveying in the Interior Plateau will include identification of geothermal energy, in addition to mineral deposits.

“It’s a source of renewable energy that we’re obviously interested in seeing developed,” Bennett said. “This will give the companies an idea where to start, where to look.”

Source: Business Vancouver Website

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