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Lithium mining brings geothermal up on the table again in Argentina

With planned lithium mining from geothermal brine in the region of Catamarca/ Argentina, possible geothermal development could be on the table.

Things have been relatively quiet on activities in Argentina and it has been a long time since we reported on anything from the country. Now a piece caught our attention on a recent meeting between Lieutenant Governor Rubén Dusso, Vice Governor of the province of Catamarca in Argentina, authorities from the state mining and energy company Camyen SE and representatives from Morena del Valle Minerals SA, a subsidiary of the Australian Lake Resources.

The company operates a lithium brine project, called Kachi, and aim of the meeting was to discuss the possibilities that geothermal resources available in the province can offer Catamarca as a generator of clean and renewable electricity, both to support the lithium industry to put it at the service and quality of life of the people.

Present at the meeting, representing Moreno del Valle Minerales SA, were Sergio Daniel Iramaín, Head of Geology and Jorge Christian Vega Filippin, Head of Hydrogeology; Bárbara Utesa, geologist from the Geothermal Chamber; for CAMYEN SE, Natalia Dusso, Vice President, Aldo Sarquis, Member, Martin Peralta, Trustee; the Minister of Planning, Labor and Modernization, Verónica Soria. COPES representatives also participated in the meeting: Gretel Galeano, from the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences of the UNCa; Luciano González, from the Catamarca Bar Association; and Iván Sarquis, representative of ATE.

A planned tender for the Copahue location, where there was once a geothermal power plant appears to never have taken off and we are not sure what the current status is on other projects.

A webinar from 2019 shared some insights into the new frontiers for geothermal in Chile and Argentina.

Source: El Ancasti

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