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A short overview on recent activities in Canadian geothermal development

Several geothermal projects are ongoing in Canada as highlighted by the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) in its recent newsletter and update to its membership.

In its recent newsletters to members, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association shared a (non inclusive) list of geothermal projects in Canada, at least for projects with recent updates.

Valemount Project, British Columbia

Borealis GeoPower is currently assessing fieldwork results conducted this summer in Valemount. This project continues to be an exciting development in Canadian geothermal industry! For more information, follow this link: Valemount Update

Town of Sussex, New Brunswick

The Town of Sussex has recently completed a technical feasibility study to determine if the decommissioned and flooded Penobsquis Mine is a feasible source of geothermal energy. CanGEA is following the development and supports Sussex in their endeavor. For more information, follow this link: Sussex Study

Hinton, Alberta

The town of Hinton has recently completed a feasibility study to determine if local geothermal energy resources can be used to heat public buildings. Updates will be shared with the result of studies when they become available.

West Moberly First Nation, British Columbia

On September 13, the New Relationship Trust (NRT) announced the approved projects funded under the third intake of the BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI). CanGEA is excited to monitor the geothermal EcoPark project with the West Moberly First Nation in BC. More information can be found here: NRT Announcement

Leduc area, AB

One of CanGEA member companies, E3 Metals, began development of a field pilot plant to test Its Rapid Lithium Extraction technology on September 26. Read more here: E3 in Leduc

While not explicitly mentioned by CanGEA, the geothermal project in Estevan, Saskatchewan by DEEP issued its latest update in March of this year, with additional news in May indicating the preparation of drilling. We have learned since that drilling could start before the end of the year.

Disclaimer: the author is a board member of CanGEA

Source: CanGEA member newsletter, September 2018

Note: We updated the status on the Esteven project.

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