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Accelerating development – virtual event on future of geothermal power – Nov. 5, 2020

In a virtual event on how to switch on the power of the earth, Baseload Capital will share details on how it is accelerating geothermal energy development and how it sees the future of geothermal power.

There have been great strides in rolling out geothermal this year, in spite of the global pandemic. In fact, some segments of the geothermal sector seem to have been operating at full throttle. One of those is the low-enthalpy segment, where the company Baseload Capital has left a strong mark. The company has successfully installed two new power plants in Japan in 2020, and anticipates that two more will come online in the next six months. In addition to its subsidiaries in Iceland, Taiwan and Japan, the company is now in the process of establishing its fourth daughter company in the U.S.

How did Baseload Capital manage to accelerate its efforts so quickly despite the pandemic? Find out at the upcoming seminar of the company on November 5, 2020. The company will co-host this event as the first in a series of global online seminars called “The earth has power. Let’s switch it on.”

The goal of these events is to further increase collaboration, which the company sees as key to speeding up the rollout of geothermal power. Over the past year, Baseload Capital has collaborated with important investors like Breakthrough Energy Ventures, whose Managing Director of Technology, Eric Toone, will be presenting at the seminar.

“I believe that we will look back and see 2020 as the year that accelerated geothermal,” said Baseload Capital CEO Alexander Helling. “The global pandemic has shown us that we can make a difference in CO2 levels by changing how we consume energy. For the Baseload team, this has only fueled our dream of a planet in balance and the urgency of rolling out affordable, renewable baseload energy. However, to be successful, we must find new partners to learn from and collaborate with. A virtual seminar is the perfect way to do this.”

While the event is focused on investors, others should be interested in attend ending and are welcome to register. For an invitation, email: or apply directly here.

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