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Andes Power Peru granted exploration license for Candarave, Tacna in Peru

Andes Power Peru has been granted a geothermal exploration license for activities in the region of Candarave, in the department of Tacna. The company has 24 months for development of Phase 2 of the project.

In news last month from Peru, it is reported that local company Andes Power Peru has been “authorized to initiate exploration of geothermal resources in the region of Candarave – Tacna.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) authorized Andes Power Peru to start exploration activities of geothermal resources in the area called Tutupaca, located in the districts of Cairani and Camilaca, Candarave provinces in the department of Tacna.

Andes Power Peru must make this activity according to a schedule that provides for a term of 24 months for development of Phase I, and 12 months for Phase II, calculated from the completion of Phase I.

The company is required to conduct its activities in accordance with the provisions of Title IX, Environmental Protection Law on Geothermal Resources, according to a directorial resolution published in the official gazette El Peruano and comes into force on March 18, 2011 .

Andes Power Peru requested the MEM approval to the activity of geothermal resource exploration in September 2010.

The MEM said the company complied with the affidavit submitted through which it undertakes to provide an Environmental Assessment, adopted by the General Directorate of Environmental Affairs Energy, before the commencement of exploration work.”

Source: Mercado Energia (in Spanish)

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