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BGS publishes educational materials on geothermal energy

The British Geological Survey has published a nice set of educational materials designed to introduce the basics of geothermal energy to young learners.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has published a set of resources designed to provide interdisciplinary lessons on geothermal energy for 7-11 year olds. All the materials can be accessed via this link.

The materials include an introductory video that explains the value of geothermal as a renewable energy source. The video also contains a brief and easy-to-understand discussion about geothermal for power generation and as a source of heat. Mentioned in the video is the pioneering work being done by the UK Geoenergy Observatory in harnessing mine water from abandoned mines as a source of geothermal heat.

Also included in the set is a lesson pack for teachers, worksheets, and a class certificate.

Similar efforts have been undertaken in the past by Bundesverband Geothermie and Geothermal Rising (then GRC).

Sources: BGS

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