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Bottle Rock project at Cobb Mountain avoids lawsuit with settlement

A settlement has been reached by local project opposition group with Bottle Rock Power for its geothermal project at Cobb Mountain.

An overhanging lawsuit filed in the spring of 2011 for the Bottle Rock Power project at Cobb Mountain has been settled by a group called “The Friends of Cobb Mountain” and Bottle Rock Power.

While agreed on previously, the actual settlement agreement was formally entered in May. As part of it the group dismisses its lawsuit that wass based on alleged the county’s violation of state environmental law in its approval of environmental documents for the project.

The lawsuit and the corresponding settlement address concerns about possible hazards from the development and operation of the project, deal with expected traffic from and to the construction and operation of the site and requires Bottle Rock to release a set of documents, e.g. on botanical surveys.

Source and details on the settlement at: Lake County News

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