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Building the Cerro Pabellón geothermal plant – Personal account from Enel engineer

In a personal account by an engineer of Enel Green Power, a personal insight has been given in the construction of the geothermal power plant at Cerro Pabellón in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Describing her first view of the project as a seemingly arrival on Mars, Chemical Engineer, Marianna Zeppieri of Enel Green Power describes her experience of being part of the achievement building South America’s first geothermal power plant at Cerro Pabellón in Chile.

At an altitude of 4,500 meters in the desert, the construction of a project like this was a challenge, but in this story shared on Enel Green Power’s website, the engineer shares her personal experience of arriving, living and working on a project site like this.

With construction starting in the summer of 2016, Enel Green Power started operation of the plant on 31 March 2017. With an Italian and Chilean team on site, the plant was built in the harsh environment of the Atacama Desert.

The altitude also provides challenges, as the body needs to get used to the altitude and a lack of oxygen.

It is great seeing a company sharing personal stories like this from the development and construction of their plants.

For the full personal account see the article linked below.

Source: Enel Green Power

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