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Canadian Geothermal Summit, Edmonton, Alberta – 9-10 Sep. 2020

Taking place on September 9 to 10, 2020, the Canadian Geothermal Summit is currently soliciting for participation from both the public and private sectors of the industry

The Canadian Geothermal Summit 2020 will be taking place on September 9 – 10, 2020 at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.This conference is a two-day international multidisciplinary meeting dedicated to sharing knowledge into the development of geothermal resources in Canada and the export of Canadian geothermal expertise to global markets.

Topics will include: western sedimentary basin geology, modeling of geothermal resources and energy flow, environmental and energy regulation, enhancing conversions of oil and gas wells, support of entrepreneurs to create a value-added industry, economics of oil well conversions, royalty structure, reclamation and remediation and working with first nations communities, and other landowners.

The organizers are currently soliciting participation from both the public and private sectors including government officials, oil and gas industry, geothermal developers, consultants, academics and non-government agencies.

Why Sponsor the Canadian Geothermal Summit 2020?

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Source: Canadian Geothermal Summit website

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