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Changes and new Director at Iceland Geothermal Training Program going into 2020

Changing the set-up and name moving from the UN University under the umbrella of UNESCO, Iceland’s Geothermal Training Program will also see the take over by a new Director, Gudni Axelsson as of January 1, 2020.

The United Nations Geothermal Training Program (UNU-GTP) was initiated in October 1978 in association with the United Nations University. The first annual training session of the UNU-GTP started in May 1979 with two UNU Fellows from the Philippines.

The current Director of the program, Ludvik Georgsson will now step down at the end of the year. In the position following Ingvar Fridleifsson in 2013, Ludvik has been part of the school since its establishment in 1979, first staff member, later as Deputy Director.

On 1 January 2020, the new Director Gudni Axelson will take over the position.  He currently is the Chief Geophysicist at Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR).  Gudni has been teaching and supervising numerous Fellows for many years and served in the Studies Board as the head of the Reservoir Engineering line.

On this occasion, the school  emphasises the name change of the Programme which as from 1st of January 2020 will become UNESCO GRÓ GTP instead of UNU-GTP.  However, the activities and operations of GTP will remain the same for the unseen future.

Source: UNU-GTP

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