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Chilean government delegation visits New Zealand

Representatives of Chile’s Ministry of Energy recently visited geothermal power plants of Contact Energy in New Zealand, highlighting Chile’s dedication to utilize its geothermal resources.

In a visit to New Zealand, Chile’s Deputy Energy Minister and the ministry’s renewables head looked at geothermal plants in the country.

As part of the visit the ministry talked about that it has granted 40 geothermal exploration concessions this year in an expectation to tap the country’s 3,500 MW potential.

Developers and investors, as part of the concessions received, have pledged an investment of around $250 million.

New Zealand’s Contact Energy, a subsidiary of Australian’s Origin Energy, holds a 40% stake in Energía Andina that is developing the geothermal projects at Pampa Limira, Polloquere, Puchuldiza and Tinguiririca.

Source: BN Americas

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