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China’s Dongfang produces geothermal power from oil and gas field

China’s Dongfang Electric has started operations of an 80-kW ORC geothermal power plant using water from an oil and gas field of PetroChina.

China’s state-owned Dongfang Electric Group Co. Ltd. (Dongfang Electric) has started operations of the country’s geothermal power generation project associated with an oil and gas field. The newly-built geothermal power generation uses ORC technology and has an installed capacity of 80 kW.

Dongfang Electric is a state-owned manufacturer of power generators and and is one of the largest manufacturers of steam turbines. The use of geothermal resources for power generation is a new breakthrough for this company.

The geothermal power generation project had been installed in the Chuanzhong Gas Mine of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch Company. The mine produces an average 600 cubic meters of gas field water per days from wells with a bottom temperature of 140 degrees Celsius. The power generation unit was supplied specifically by Well X210.


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