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Colombia publishes rules for geothermal project development

Colombia has released the final round of regulations for geothermal power project development in the country.

In a notification published by the Colombian Ministry for Mining and Energy, a new draft decree on regulations for geothermal energy development has now been released for public comment.

In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 8 of article 8 of Law 1437 of 2011, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of article of Decree 1081 of 2015, replaced by article 1 of Decree 1273 of 2020 and resolutions 4 0310 and 4 1304 of 2017, is published for citizen participation, in order to receive observations and comments.

Proposed document – Draft Decree (in Spanish) “By means of which Decree 1073 of 2015 is added to establish the provisions to develop activities aimed at generating electricity through geothermal energy”

Other documents: Justification Report

Observations, comments and proposals to the aforementioned draft resolution must be made through this forum or by filling out the form for receiving comments , which must be sent, preserving the editable format, to the email, until next Friday September 03, 2021

Earlier this year we reported on the first geothermal power plant coming online and the initial round of the draft regulations from December 2020.

Source: Ministry of Mining and Energy Colombia

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