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Comments sought for proposed drilling at Newberry, Oregon

The Deschutes National Forest Service has opened a comment period on its newly finished environmental assessment of potential geothermal drilling on 11 parcels near the Newberry Volcanic Monument in Oregon, U.S.

Having completed an environmental assessment for potential geothermal drilling on 11 parcels of over 6,200 acres near the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, a public comment period has now been announced.

The Deschutes National Forest seeks public comments on the environmental assessment for a period of 30-days on the proposal to authorise the Bureau of Land Management to conduct geothermal lease sales. Comments will be able to be made until March 26, 2014.

Initially a conventional geothermal project, Seattle based AltaRock Energy has now been testing its stimulation techniques to utilize the Newberry geothermal resource for geothermal power generation through an engineered geothermal system (EGS).

Following the comment period, the Forest Service will then be in a position to decide which of the 11 parcels should be leased, leased with stipulations, or simply withdrawn from further consideration for leasing.

Initially, the scope was 29 parcels with up to 20,000 acres, but has now been decreased to 11 parcels of 6,174 acres.

The environmental analysis document, maps and other info can be found on this Forest Service site.

Source: Forest Service, KTVZ

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