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Consultancy opportunity: East Africa Geothermal Energy Facility

The East Africa Geothermal Energy Facility (EAGER) is seeking independent consultants for geothermal work in East Africa.

EAGER is a donor funded programme which has been set up to support greater investment in geothermal power generation in East Africa.

EAGER provides independent, on-demand consultancy to Government bodies and state-owned companies involved in geothermal development in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Its key areas of advisory are on regulatory and policy issues for geothermal development, but it also supports Government geothermal agencies to develop and manage geothermal power projects.

EAGER is actively managed from the UK with staff based in the region and is scheduled to run until November 2018. Currently, independent consultants are sought to support EAGER’s work in East Africa with expertise and experience as described below:

All interested should send CVs to by 30th October 2015.

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