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Corrosion protection in geothermal – Kurita at the 5th Int’l Conference on Film Forming Substances

Kurita is presenting corrosion protection applications in geothermal as one of the sponsors of the 5th International Conference on Film Forming Substances

The recent updates on advanced developments about the scientific and industrial activities of Film Forming Substances (FFS) will be presented on March 22, 23, 29, 30 as virtual events in the 5th International Conference on Film Forming Substance (FFS 2022). Kurita Europe is taking place in the virtual sponsorship with valuable scientific contributions on geothermal applications.

The FFS conference is considered the most important platform for the global power industry, highlighting the scientific papers and industrial projects on FFS (amine and non-amine based) applied in fossil, combined-cycle, biomass, nuclear, industrial, geothermal, and other types of plants. Speakers and participants from different branches such as metallurgy and chemistry, water treatment companies, investors, and consultancy services share their precious research and experiences during the conference. Kurita is honoured to be one of the sponsors in FFS 2022 and participate in the “Application of Film-Forming Substances in Geothermal Process” presentation on the 29th of March 2022 at the virtual event.

We previously reported on the company continues research efforts and emphasis with a new technology center opened in Germany, and previous conference participation.

Corrosion is a significant problem that causes permanent damages both in the downhole and surface components of geothermal systems.

As a global interest to reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions, the number of attempts to choose renewable energy sources over fossil-based sources is increasing. One of the greatest alternatives to make a green energy transition is “geothermal”. Geothermal energy can be used as district heating applications or to generate power in a sustainable way provides independent energy strategies for local geographies. Both types differ greatly in the application conditions, yet both face a universal problem: corrosion.

The high salinity, low pH, and high amount of non-condensable gas (NCG) content in geothermal flow result in aggressive corrosion conditions in this high-temperature environment. The majority of high to medium enthalpy geothermal fields face corrosion problems starting from the downhole and getting even harsher at the surface due to the release of steam and NCG within the two-phase flow.

There are several studies about protection methods of geothermal systems from different types of corrosion. Film-forming products have proven their efficiency with years of successful experience in multiple applications in industrial water treatment. Also, their use is advantageous in geothermal applications and has proven a significant achievement.

Worldwide case studies and laboratory trials reveal the successful treatment of geothermal processes by FFS-based corrosion inhibitors of Kurita.   

Kurita has conducted several laboratory studies to execute the thermal stability, material compatibility, and corrosion protection performance of FFS directly dedicated to geothermal flow. Kurita’s Technical and Marketing Team is going to present mainly the common corrosion problems experienced in different geothermal regions. The solutions for corrosion inhibition within the “Kurita Geothermal Technology” product portfolio will be explained in terms of conditions, methods applied, and results of case studies.

Since the challenges of geothermal utilization are not limited to corrosion, Kurita also offers innovative concepts to avoid both scaling and corrosion in the case that trigger each other commonly.

Follow up and connect with Kurita Europe on the 29th of March at FFS Conference 2022.

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