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Danish delegation visits Erzurum, Turkiye for energy and heating investments

The visit of the Danish delegation to Erzurum, Turkiye strengthens the cooperation of the two countries in investing on renewable energy projects in Turkiye.

The Danish Ambassador to Ankara Danny Annan came to Erzurum, Turkiye at the invitation of Aziziye Mayor Muhammed Cevdet Orhan within the framework of the “Efficient and Low-Carbon Heating and Cooling Project” carried out with the Turkiye-Denmark Strategic Sector Cooperation.

The delegation, together with the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the experts of the Danish Energy Agency, visited the historical and touristic places of Erzurum as well as the sites of the energy investments in Aziziye. Very recently, we reported on the start of drilling operations for a geothermal project at the winter tourism centre of Erzurum.

Visiting the Governor of Erzurum, Ambassador Annan drew attention to the sectoral cooperation between Turkiye and Denmark. Underlining that energy is now a world agenda, Annan stated that the main factor that makes geothermal energy much more valuable is that it is renewable and sustainable. After receiving information about Erzurum from Governor Okay Memi?, Annan and his accompanying bureaucrat and expert team visited the Metropolitan Municipality. The delegation, which was the guest of Deputy Mayor Fevzi Polat, was informed about the energy investments of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Energy Investments to Visit

Ambassador Danny Annan and his delegation, who will visit the Biomass Energy Supported Geothermal Tomato Greenhouses and Solar Power Plants of Aziziye Municipality within the scope of their Erzurum contacts will also examine the Waste Water Treatment Plant of the Metropolitan Municipality. With the technical delegation, which will also tour the historical, touristic and cultural places of Erzurum, evaluations will be made on new energy and heating investments that can be brought to the city.

Contacts started in Denmark

Aziziye Mayor Muhammed Cevdet Orhan went to Denmark in August at the invitation of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, where he examined the energy investments in the cities of Aarhus, Silkeborg, Odense, Holmegaard and Copenhagen. Mayor Orhan attended the technical visits in Denmark together with Osman Zolan, the President of the Turkish Energy Cities Association and the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, as well as the Mayor of Kütahya Alim Isik and the Mayor of Pamukkale Avni Örki.

During his visit to Denmark, Mayor Orhan took every opportunity to emphasize the energy potential of Erzurum. It was also during the visit that Orhan invited the Danish officials to Erzurum.

Source: Aziziye Municipality via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler

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