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Developer asks for standardized data and assessment tools in Philippines

Geothermal developer in the Philippines is asking the country’s Energy Department to develop tools for geothermal assessment and make them available to the public to encourage investment into development.

With geothermal reporting codes developed by the Australian and Canadian geothermal industry, there seems to be continued interest in some kind of standardization of geothermal resource data.

Local news from the Philippines now report that Clean Rock Renewable Energy Resources, reported on earlier this month, has asked the Energy Department in the Philippines to develop database protocals and tools for geothermal resource assessment in the country.

“Clean Rock chief operating officer Fernando Penarroyo said the department should develop the tools for geothermal assessment and make them available to the public to encourage more investors.

Clean Rock is developing the Natib geothermal prospect in Bataan and the Daklan geothermal prospect  in Benguet.

Penarroyo, in a presentation, also called for the inclusion of enhanced geothermal systems and low enthalpy for feed-in tariff availment.

“Public-private partnership must be encouraged in the field of research and development and demonstration for new technologies in resource,” the executive said.

He said geothermal projects were affected by some issues with local government units.

He said the law was silent on whether LGU consent was needed for exploration and development.

Penarroyo said the national government should develop a transparent system of accounting for and allocating revenues and taxes with LGUs.!”

Source: The Manila Standard

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