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Djibouti adds a cooperation agreement with Mexico

Following similar agreements with Japan (reported here in May 2013), China’s state oil company Sinopec (reported here in 2012), Turkey (reported here) and other nations and agencies, it is now reported that Djibouti and Mexico have signed “an agreement to cooperate in the energy sector, more particularly in the geothermal sector.

The agreement was signed in Djibouti earlier this week by Djibouti’s Energy Minister Ali Yacoub Mahamoud and Mexico’s Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquin Coldwell.

The agreement provides that the two countries will cooperate in four areas: exploration of geothermal resources and development of conceptual models in the geothermal sector, the engineering skills in exploration of wells, supply of technology for testing of fluids and the development of geothermal sites including full utilization of electric energy produced by geothermal firms.

The Djiboutian minister said the signing of the agreement with Mexico, the world’s third largest power in the geothermal sector, is in line with Djibouti’s energy development program.

He told Xinhua that the country had placed the development of its geothermal potential at the top of its priorities to ensure the country achieves energy independence soon.

“Our country, which currently uses 65 percent of hydroelectric energy that is supplied from neighboring Ethiopia, intends to be the first African country to use 100 percent green energy by the year 2020,” Mahamoud concluded.

Djibouti’s geothermal potential is estimated to be 1,000 MW.”

Source: Coast Week

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