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Drilling started for second geothermal well for Trias Westland in the Netherlands

Spud moment

Geothermal energy at a depth of 2.3 kilometers makes sustainable heat available for another 30 companies (a total of 56 companies) and 345 homes in Liermolen, Netherlands with the start of drilling of a second well for Trias Westland in the Netherlands.

The journey to warm water at a depth of 2.3 kilometers started June 12, 2020 with the drilling of the second geothermal well. Thanks to the expansion of Trias Westland, another 100 hectares, owned by 30 greenhouse horticultural entrepreneurs, can be heated sustainably. A unique feature is that 345 homes in the Liermolen district will also be included in the project and will be heated via this geothermal heat source. The use of geothermal energy leads to considerably less CO2 emissions. The expansion has a production capacity of approximately 15 MWth, comparable to the natural gas consumption of approximately 15,000 households.

There is plenty of sustainable energy in the Westland soil. The earth’s soil contains natural aquifers; the deeper, the warmer the water in the earth. The hot water is pumped up and transferred to the heat network with a heat exchanger. From here, the water can be distributed to the glasshouse horticultural businesses and homes in the Liermolen district. After use, the cooled water returns to the earth. The earth’s core then heats up the water.

Grow to 56 participants

The drilling will take place at Lange Broekweg in Naaldwijk near Zandheullaan. It is the second geothermal heat source of Trias Westland. The greenhouse horticultural companies associated with Trias Westland, which were unable to participate in the first drilling, will also have access to sustainable heat thanks to the expansion (Trias Westland 2). Another 30 Westland greenhouse horticultural companies will soon heat their greenhouses and buildings in a sustainable way thanks to Trias Westland 2. In addition, Royal Flora Holland and 345 new-build homes in Liermolen will be connected to sustainable heat from Trias Westland.

Work has started

Work on the drilling site has now started. Local residents were informed about this. Drilling to the Lower Cretaceous stratum is expected to take about 2 months. The second geothermal heat source is expected to become operational in the second quarter of 2021 after a successful well test.

Powerful collaboration

Trias Westland is a project by and for greenhouse horticultural entrepreneurs. Through their own cooperative, they work together with each other and with large regional parties in order to switch to a sustainable energy supply. For the connection to the heat network, they pay a fixed amount annually based on actual costs. They take the heat off at real cost, taking advantage of any windfalls. What they don’t use they can trade among themselves; this way they can keep costs low and make optimum use of the heat source. After fifteen years, the Westland heat cooperative fully owns the geothermal energy company.

Heat network in the Westland

The expansion of the heat network of Trias Westland on Kasteelweg in Naaldwijk has recently been carried out so that a combination with the planned maintenance work from the municipality of Westland was possible. The heat network of Trias Westland will be expanded further in the coming year to realize the new connections. A large part of this network also functions as a main line within the Westland Heat System (WSW), the regionally planned heat network in Westland.

Trias Westland is an initiative of HVC, Capturam, Royal FloraHolland and a large group of greenhouse horticultural entrepreneurs. These partners attach great importance to sustainability and see geothermal energy as an important alternative to natural gas.

Source: Trias Westland

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