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Dutch heating company acquires geothermal energy specialist

Dutch heating company Ennatuurlijk aims to accelerate their geothermal plans with the acquisition of ECW Geoholding BV, the geothermal heat division of ECW Netwerk BV.

Dutch heat company Ennatuurlijk has announced the acquisition of ECW Geoholding BV, a division of ECW Energy that conducts all of the company’s geothermal activities. This has been the results of talks between the two parties since mid-2021 and will help Ennatuurlijk accelerate its own geothermal targets.

Ennatuurlijk currently supplies heat to over 85,000 households and 1,200 companies in Netherlands. This heat is sourced locally by linking local producers with the customers. With the acquisition of ECW Geoholding BV, Ennatuurlijk expands their customer base while also adding the knowledge and skills specialized for geothermal energy. Together with ECW Geoholding BV, Ennatuurlijk plans to develop geothermal energy together with them in the Andijk and Middenmeer regions, but also in the rest of the Netherlands.

ECW Geoholding BV is a leader in the field of geothermal energy in the Netherlands. The company has proven both technically and commercially that it can develop geothermal energy together with its customers and shareholders (professional horticultural organisations).

“By taking over ECW Geoholding BV, I expect that we will be able to accelerate ECW Geoholding BV’s and Ennatural’s ambitions in the field of geothermal energy. ECW Geoholding BV has processes, systems and knowledge that Ennatural still needs to develop. said Ennatuurlijk General Manager Ernst Japikse.

“The employees of ECW Geoholding BV have set up an amazing foundation and show how well they can do this. Together with our strength and scale, we will ensure that the potential of geothermal energy is optimally developed and utilized,” Japikse added.

“ECW Geoholding BV has entered the next phase. We see that the demand for geothermal energy is rising sharply and we see the party in Ennatural to further roll out our knowledge and expertise. Ennatural has the potential to turn the ‘local hero’ that ECW Geoholding BV is now into a ‘national hero’ in the field of geothermal energy. That offers certainty and opportunities for our employees and customers.”  said ECW Netwerk General Manager Robert Kielstra.

With the acquisition of ECW Geoholding BV, Ennatuurlijk expects to be able to accelerate its own objectives in the field of geothermal energy. ECW Geoholding BV has proven processes and systems that Ennatuurlijk would otherwise have to develop itself. They have already gone through the learning curve that Ennatuurlijk can benefit from.

Ennatuurlijk is also part of Geocombinatie Leeuwarden (GCL), the consortium developing a geothermal heat project at Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Source: Ennatuurlijk and HortiDaily

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