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Ecosystems – Virtual Seminar by Baseload Capital, Nov. 15, 2021

Baseload Capital is inviting to its fourth online seminar, this time tackling the topic of supporting ecosystems, their possibilities and risks.

Let’s talk about ecosystems and how they drive global energy… It’s time to make the switch!

Join the 4th Virtual Seminar by Baseload Capital on Ecosystems.

It’s time to tear down the silos and start talking about what we can do by collaborating. What are the supporting ecosystems that already exist, and how do we use them to our benefit? What are the possibilities, and what are the risks?

Join Baseload Capital as it tackles these topics head on!

In addition, we will have an update from the WGC with Marit Brommer and Alexander Richter, a summary of the Roundtable talks, and last but not least, a global rollout of The Switch #notanotherpodcast (check out the first episode out on YouTube)


#1. The Global Ecosystem
The planet is in urgent need of global cooperation involving governments, businesses, and academia. How can we intensify work to tackle climate change on a global level? If there’s one thing embassies all over the world are adept at, it’s getting these entities to work together. Ambassador of Sweden to Iceland, Pär Ahlberger will give us insights on this topic.

#2. The Geothermal Ecosystem
The speaker on this subject is John Worth from Geo40, a New Zealand-based geothermal minerals company that developed this process technology. Geothermal ecosystems come in different shapes and sizes. We’ll find out about how valuable minerals can be extracted from geothermal fluids before they are used for energy. This speech will be followed by a panel debate on what else can be part of this ecosystem.

#3. The Digital Ecosystem
A digital ecosystem is a group of interconnected information technology resources that can function as a single unit. Digital ecosystems are made up of suppliers, customers, trading partners, applications, third-party data service providers and any number of respective technologies. Could a perfect digital ecosystem be created for energy markets? How could it influence, or even disrupt the industry? Kevin Libbos from EMCAP will speak about digital ecosystems and their role.

#4. The Ecosystem of People
How can we win in the ecosystem of talent? How can we create the most attractive workplaces? New and former colleagues discuss how we can attract new talent to join the renewable industry. A panel debate featuring Baseload’s Jesper Jolma and Ann Robertson-Tait of Geothermex.

#5. The Financial Ecosystem
If environmental considerations were taken into account when making investment decisions, we would see more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities. As sustainable investing continues to grow across all markets, we will discuss the future of sustainable finance. Marie Aglert, Director and Head of the Large Corporates Department at EKN, The Swedish Export Credit Agency, will tell us more about this topic.

#6. The Ecosystem of renewable business
Through renewably energy solutions, old business models can get new life. Midori Mizunami is the owner of a traditional Japanese hot spring spa, which now has been combined with a geothermal power plant. This solution generates renewable energy as well as extra income for the spa owner. Representative Director at Baseload Power Japan, Ryuta Hiratsuka will tell you the story of how this came to life.


ThinkGeoEnergy is proud to participate with Baseload Capital in a follow up on our roundtable discussion on Positioning Geothermal. Check  out the event recording here:

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