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El Salvador could increase geothermal capacity by 440 MW to 644 MW

A recent study as part of a renewable energy master plan, determined an additional geothermal power potential for El Salvador of 440 MW that could increase the overall geothermal capacity to 644 MW.

In the recently published Master Plan for the Development of Renewable Energy of the National Energy Council (CNE) for El Salvador, projections were made on the potential for renewable energy development in the country.

The overall potential would be 791 MW of which 644 MW could be derived from geothermal. This includes currently installed capacity of 204 MW. Geothermal contributes already around 23% of the electricity in El Salvador. The additional geothermal capacity would – with the additional capacity increase – represent more than 50% of power generated in El Salvador.

The projections were made by Julio Valdivieso, president of LaGeo, who also estimated the cost of drilling a geothermal well at around $6-8 million.

Source: Central America Data

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