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Elementary school students organize trip to Transmark GPP, Turkiye

A trip to Transmark Geothermal Power Plant was organized by Canakkale Ayvacik Gulpinar Primary School students.

In news shared on Linkedin, Transmark Renewables announced the visit of Canakkale Ayvacik Gulpinar Elementary School 3rd grade students to Transmark geothermal power plant in Ayvacik, Turkiye. With the trip organized, primary school students learned sustainable methods of on-site electricity production. The company thanked the School Principal for this inspiring initiative.

As we previously reported, Transmark GPP located in Canakkale Ayvacik was commissioned in June 2021. Transmark GPP includes many innovations in terms of environmental precautions and technologies used. The system, which consists of one production and one injection well, eliminates its environmental effects with zero CO2 emissions due to its closed cycle.

In terms of the management of the reservoir, the closed-loop system makes the reservoir sustainable by injecting all of the produced fluid into the reservoir. Another technological innovation is the elimination of the risk of encrustation by system pressurization without the use of any inhibitors.

Transmark Group, an international organization, specializes in geothermal energy sources from renewable energy systems. In this context, the company continues to work on geothermal energy in Turkiye and Chile with Transmark Turkey and Transmark Chile companies.

Source: Transmark Renewables via Linkedin and our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler

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