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Enal forsees 2,500 MW private development potential in Mexico

Mexico being the fourth country with largest geothermal resources worldwide has big plans for Geothermal. This renewable technology is seen as one of the most attractive technologies to meet the electricity demand in the near future for Mexico, with an expected yearly growth of 4 percent on average between 2015 to 2029 according to El Financiero.

High hopes are set for the round zero for geothermal since at the end of the current month, the deadline for the country’s Secretariat of Energy (Sener) will come up and the final list of geothermal fields that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), will open to private investment will be published.

Gerado Hiriart, CEO of ENAL stated for the Mexican newspaper that they foresee that out of the 4000 MW of geothermal power being surveyed, between 2000-2500 will be open for private investors.

Source: El Financiero

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