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Enel Green Power supporting geothermal education in Chile

Enel Green Power has given 4 chilean students of the University of Antofagasta internships in Italy.

Local Chilean news announce that the Center for Energy Development of the University of Antofagasta (CEDUA), which has had a long standing academic and scientific partnership with Italy’s ENEL Green Power, has now inaugurated the “Second Seminar on Geothermal Energy” and also, the start of the academic year for the “Master in Energy Development”.

Geothermal energy is a renewable resource that has promising potential; now more than ever since the Cerro Pavilion Ollague project is underway and it is expected to add 50 MW to the national network once completed. The seminar will focus on
this project and will showcase the potential for renewable de development in the country.

As an added bonus, Enel announced at the seminar that in order to help the development of geothermal in Chile, it will offer 4 students internships in Italy. The now selected students will have the opportunity to learn firsthand from one of the most senior and experienced firms in the geothermal sector.

Source: Area Minera


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