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Energy regulator in the Philippines tightens rules on power plant availability

As reported from Manila, Philippines, the country’s Energy  Regulator Commission (ERC) has announced tighter rules and benchmarks on allowable service interruptions  in electricity generating facilities.

Referencing specific benchmarks for coal plants, combined cycle plants, hydropower plants etc., the allowable outages for geothermal plants has been set to total outages of 19.7 days (6 days of planned and 13.7 days of unplanned outages).

With the new tighter rules, ERC hopes to force power companies to strive for more efficient and reliable operations, so consumers could be spared from unwanted brownouts especially during the peak demand months of summer.

ERC Chairperson Agnes T. Devanadera said “the regulatory body of the electricity sector needs to ensure that generating plants are well-maintained and perform within the benchmark or standard per technology for all generating units.”

The ERC specified that the rules for the ‘interim benchmark’ on power facilities “shall apply to generation companies with conventional and non-variable renewable energy (VRE) generating plants that are connected to the grid; and these shall include embedded generating plants with an aggregate capacity of 5.0 megawatts and above.

Source: ERC via Manila Bulletin

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