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Enex to start drilling to start at Geretsried project November 2012

German developer Enex Power Germany is confident to start drilling at its Geretstried project in Germany by November 2012, with an expected duration of drilling of 3 months.

German developer Enex Power Germany is confident that it will start drilling, having already prepared the drill pad.

Due to geological conditions, the company has decided to plan with stronger piping for the well expected to reach a depth of up to 5,000 meters.

One of the consequences is that a more powerfull drilling rig will be necessary, which will be only available towards the end of September 2012 from a firm in Bad Bentheim. The city of Geretsried was informed by the managing director of Enex, Dr. Robert Straubinger. Despite the stronger piping the drill tower will be of similar size than the one previously planned.

The drilling is expected to take approximately 3 months and is supposed to reach water with a temperature of 145 centigrades by February 2013, if everything goes by plan.

Source: City of Geretsried (in German)

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