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Engineering Day WGC2020+1 virtual event, June 15, 2021

Don’t miss the upcoming Engineering Day of the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 on June 15, 20211 with in excess of 200 presentations.

It is timely to remind you of the Engineering Day of the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 Virtual Event Series now taking place June 15, 2021

The Engineering Part now to take place, June 15 next week is promising an exciting and extensive program of presentations related to engineering and related topics.

The topics of this week’s sessions are:

The system to bring you the World Geothermal Congress Virtual Event Series is set up two-fold. The conference platform with all the videos from the presentation recordings and the live Q&A element following the presentations of each session. The Q&A are held live with the speakers of each session via Zoom. Engage with the panels with the Slido platform for questions and chat during the presentations.

The platform to watch live stream and the recorded presentations and after the event the panel Q&A sessions.
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