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Ethiopian 70 MW Aluto Lango project to cost $270 million

Ethiopian news report that the geothermal power project at the country’s only operating geothermal plat at Aluto Lango, will cost about $270 million. Financing for the project comes from the World Bank and development banks/ agencies in France, Germany and Japan.

The project will see an extension of the current 7.3 MW plant to up to 70 MW and is expected to be operating by 2015.

“The Ethiopian government aims to utilize renewable energy sources such as wind, sugar, ethanol as well as hydro power to meet the nation’s energy needs, by 2025. Ethiopia launched a green economic growth strategy over 20 years. The program aims to develop Ethiopia into a middle income economy by 2025 without an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

The strategy is the first of its kind to be implemented in Africa but could be duplicated in other countries said Dr. Ababa Haile-Gabriel, Director of the African Union, Rural Economy and Agriculture Department.

Wind power and Geo thermal projects are part of Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation’s aim to increase Ethiopia’s electric power generation capacity to 10,000 MW from the current 2000 MW capability.”

Source: 2Mercato

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