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Federal funds sought for geothermal feasibility study at Germering, Germany

The city of Germering in Bavaria, Germany will be applying for federal funding to conduct a feasibility study for geothermal heating.

Earlier this year, the works committee of the city of Germering in Bavaria, Germany decided to conduct a feasibility study to help the city council decide whether to implement a geothermal heating project. The city is now taking the next step towards the realization of this project with an application for funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics.

The feasibility study was recommended by Prof. Petra Denk, professor of energy and business administration at the Institute for Systemic Energy Consulting (ISE) at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. According to the model of Prof. Denk, two boreholes drilled to about 3500 meters depth can supply water at around 85 degrees Celsius and can provide heating to 1400 households.

The Institute for Sustainable Energy Supply (INEV) was also brought on board as an external partner to support the project. Prof. Dominikus Bücker, Managing Director of INEV, said that even conducting the feasibility study will involve large sums of money. With the support of the municipal building authority, the application for funding is currently being prepared which includes technical specifications of the planned heating network.

According to Bücker, the tender for the feasibility study is expected to be announced by December 2022 and that the city should receive bids by February 2023. Implementation is then possible by September 2023, although this can be delayed. Bücker is confident that the funding application will be approved as along as all requirements are met.


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