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First steam at United Downs geothermal project, UK

The United Downs Deep Geothermal Project sees steam blowing out and construction of a geothermal power and heat plant can go ahead.

Earlier today, we reported on newly announced plans for four additional planned geothermal plants for Cornwall, one little detail in the story went a little bit under.

Reported by GEL this morning via Twitter and widely covered by the BBC, the Guardian and other outlets, the United Downs Deep Geothermal Project has produced its firs steam at wellhead.

GEL and Thrive Renewable’s pioneering geothermal plant at United Downs is now producing geothermal steam at 175C which will be converted to deliver approximately 3 MWe of power to the National Grid and is on track to deliver its first electricity during 2022.

The Cornwall Geothermal Distillery Company is in the approval processes to utilise 2.5MW of the hot water the plant is expected to produce.  Up to 10MW of heat is also expected to be used in a large housing development planned at Langarth.

Source: The Guardian

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