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Geothermal 2.0/ Rete Geotermica – geothermal industry group in Italy

A group of geothermal industry players stand for Rete Geotermica, an association dedicated to create a supply chain capable of enhancing the geothermal resource widely present in Italy and in particular Tuscany.

The Geothermal Network is an association of companies born from the desire of some operators holding research permits to create a supply chain capable of enhancing the geothermal resource widely present in Italy, and especially in the Tuscany Region.

The guiding principle is the enhancement of this resource as a driving force for socio-economic development of the territories concerned. The environmental sustainability of this development is the reason why some of the partners representing the Network are industrial entities of national importance capable of providing the supply chain with the skills necessary to develop innovative technologies such as to minimize the environmental impacts deriving from geo-thermoelectric installations.

The union of sector operators and industrial groups has made it possible to create a network with complete know-how for the correct management of all activities related to the geothermal sector, from the analysis phase of the resource to the design and management of the plant. The Network, in addition to having the objective of increasing, individually and collectively, the innovative capacity and market competitiveness, is driven by the firm belief that the geothermal resource must be the driving force of other production initiatives relating to other sectors, among which the most important. the agricultural and civil one, through projects compatible with the will of the communities of the territories concerned.

The formalization of the Network as a legal entity took place on 21 October 2013, and is, to date, made up of the following holders of research permits: Graziella Green Power Spa, ToscoGeo Srl, Magma Energy Italia Srl, Sorgenia Geothermal Srl, Geoenergy Srl, Exergia Toscana Srl, Gesto Geothermal Italy, Geotermics Italy and industrial entities such as Termomeccanica Ecologia Spa, Exergy Spa, Sintecnica Srl, Samminiatese Pozzi Srl, Idrogeo Engineering & Consulting, Hydro Drilling Srl, Turboden, Isolver Spa, also benefits from the collaboration of the Floramiata consortium

Source: Rete Geotermica

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