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Geothermal and its recently awakened attention in Canada – what does it mean?

With the recent milestone for geothermal energy to be included in the federal budget, advocates for geothermal energy in Canada are hopeful that this will see a significant change for the country’s geothermal sector in the years to come.

In a recent editorial in Canadian publication Desmog Canada, it is looked at what the recent breakthrough in the Federal Budget of Canada means for geothermal.

With geothermal energy so for only being considered as source of electricity, which has been described as a typo in previous budget and legislation in Canada, the widening of the definition for it to also include heating changes a lot.

This is a milestone for us,” said Alison Thompson, chair and co-founder of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA). “We’re legitimate. We’re there.”

With now including additional financial mechanisms available to geothermal energy, the change is significant for geothermal and could help move things forward.

Talking to several stakeholders, including a member of parliament and industry representatives, the article provides a good sense on how important this recent development in Canada really is for the sector.

Source: Desmog Canada

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