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Geothermal development in the UK

As reported by the Evening Gazette in the UK, there is an increasing interest in the UK to utilize geothermal heat for heating purposes in a number of new residential projects. But, there also is some development on the power generation side.

A GBP 32.5 million (US$ 49 million) pioneering project has been launched in the South-west of England to create seven geothermal power stations, using deep drilling technology to access heat from hot springs. Experts claim that the project could then be replicated anywhere in the UK.

The 15-20 MW stations will plunge 10,000 m below ground level. The electricity produced will be sold to the National Grid and excess heat will be sold off. Each of the power stations will have the potential to heat up to 20,000 homes. It’s hoped the project, by Ove Arup & Partners, Geoscience and British Geological Survey, will be up and running by 2011.

Source: Kelley Price, Gazette live

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